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Brooklyn Brew Shop: The Ideal Christmas Gift for Any Beer Lover

Posted by Sarah Bedrick on Dec 12, 2011 6:30:00 AM
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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your beer-loving friend, significant other or relative? 

Check out Brooklyn Brew Shop's beer making kits. They are the perfect well-priced holiday gift that allows anyone (from novice to veteran brewer) to brew a delicious beer in the luxury of their home. There are tons of different flavors from the adventurous Gingerbread Ale and Chocolate Maple Porter to the tamer Everyday IPA and Chestnut Brown Ale. 

The beer making kits create up to 1 gallon of beer and contain everything necessary to become a master brewer. Want to know what's inside? Here's everything it comes with:

  • 1 gallon glass fermenterbrooklyn beer making kit
  • 3 piece chambered airlock
  • screw top stopper
  • Thermometer
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Tubing Clamp
  • Racking Cane
  • Sanitizer
  • and most importantly, your choice of beer mix.

Up the ante by signing them up for the "Brew of the Month Club" on top of their new beer brewing kit. Brooklyn Brew Shop will ship them the newest brew flavors before they even hit shelves giving them a delicious seasonally-appropriate beer. 
Can't afford a beer making kit? Then just shoot them an email or a link to The Mash - Brooklyn Brew Shop's blog. It has tons of killer information like the latest beer events, tips for cooking with beer, updates about their product and even brewing tips if they're already a brewmaster. 
Learn more by visiting Brooklyn Brew Shop's website. Order by December 16th for delivery before Christmas or pick one up today at a location, like Williams-Sonoma, near you.

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