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5 Top Breweries Tell Us Their Best Beers to Pair with Dark Chocolate

Posted by Sarah Bedrick on Feb 10, 2012 9:39:00 AM
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We wanted to know the best beers to pair with a dark bitter chocolate mainly because it is healthier - but some of the best chocolates are dark and many major chocolate distributors and chocolatiers are beginning to add it to their repertoire.

Quality dark chocolate can contain anywhere from 60-80% or more cocoa - and the more cocoa in the chocolate - the more bitter it becomes.  

We figured who best to ask than some of the top breweries in the game what their best beer to pair with a dark chocolate is. Take a look below and you'll find the direct tweets from the breweries themselves - and we know, this is some good information for the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day. 


Our Question: What is your best beer to pair with a dark chocolate?



beer with dark chocolate pairing magichat

beer with dark chocolate pairing dogfish head

beer dark chocolate pairing flying dog brewerybeer with dark chocolate sam adams

beer with dark chocolate avbc


And we even asked some of the unbiased professionals and receive some great responses:

beer with dark chocolate beer advocatebeer with dark chocolate craftbeered

There you have it - straight from the top breweries and beer connosuiers around the globe. Remember, when pairing it is important to decide which of the 3 C's you are trying to attain - compare, contrast or cleanse. 


These are just seven responses we've found from top breweries that responded to our very important question. Have you found any other beers that you think make the perfect pair to a dark chocolate? Let us know in the comment section below!