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How to Make a Michelada in 7 Very Simple Steps

Posted by Sarah Bedrick on Jun 26, 2012 12:08:00 PM
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Recently, I visited a somewhat new Mexican & Tequila bar, the Painted Burro, in Davishow to make a michelada Square and had an incredible new drink - a Michelada

A Michelada (pronounced - "meech-el-a-da") is a totally new take on prepared beer and is easy to make, and perfect during the super-hot summer months. 

Find the ingredients needed to make a Michelada below and then follow the instructions. 

How to make a Michelada:


1 Mexican beer (Corona, Pacifico, Sol or Dos Equis)
1 Lime
Course salt
Hot sauce (Tabasco, Franks Red Hot or Cholula)
Worcestershire or soy sauce
and Clamato

Instructions to prepare:

  1. Cut the lime in half and use the juice to wet the rim of your glass. 
  2. Dip the rim of your glass in the salt so that it builds up (like a Margarita)
  3. Fill the glass with ice
  4. Squeeze the rest of the lime juice (use both halves) into the glass
  5. Add clamato, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce to taste (a few drops will usually do)
  6. Pour the Mexican beer into the class over the ice and mixed sauces
  7. Stir well and serve.

A couple of side notes:

  • It tastes better with Mexican beer, but you can use other light beers.
  • You can even use Helles (German styled beer), a pilsner (it will add more hops to the mix and even another lager option.
  • You don't absolutely need the Clamato juice as many people make it without it.

History on the Michelada

A Michelada became popular back in the 1940's when people began to mix beer with salsa or hot sauce. They are said to be comparable to a Bloody mary which is why, in Mexico, they're considered good hangover remedies. 

There are many varieties of Micheladas and some people even prefer to add oranges.

Additionally, due to growing popularity of prepared beers, many major US beer producers have begun marketing cervezas preparadas (prepared beers). A great example of this is Miller Brewing Co producing "Miller Chill" which is a "Chelada-style light lager with a hint of salt and lime."

Drink what you like:

To quote some of our favs over at BeerofTomorrow:
"Lots of craft beer fans turn their noses up at mixing beer, and many would especially scoff at mixing good craft beer with anything. However, we at Beer of Tomorrow don’t think that mixing beer should be looked down on. Mixing beer is a great way to make a cheap brew that you might not normally drink more palatable and interesting, and if you’re into shandies or micheladas, why wouldn’t you want to use a delicious craft beer instead of the common macro-brewed lagers?

“Drink what you like” is our unofficial motto.."

Nicely said guys.


Have you ever tried a Michelada? If yes, leave us a comment below to let us know your favorite place to grab one, or your preferred method to mix one up!