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7 Twitter accounts every beer lover must follow

Posted by Sarah Bedrick on Apr 25, 2011 8:01:00 AM
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As more businesses are joining the ranks of Twitter, they're also showing a more fun and human side to their brand. One business that does this exceptionally well is the craft beer market.

If you're on Twitter then there are a few craft beer companies and just beer-related accounts we recommend you follow.

One of the more popular websites on beer around the world, Beer Advocate on Twitter is no different. They've amassed a serious followering (+127,000) by posting beer reviews, fun facts and engaging followers by posting questions. 

Frequently posting fun little nuggets of knowledge about the beer industry, Beeralicious has all the goods. They follow other beer afficionados so their retweets are also informative and fun, like the one in the image.  A slight drawback might be that a reasonable percentage of their tweets are about the San Fransisco area, so if you don't live there you're out of luck. We don't mind too much since the other information is quality.twitter beer usersnames





Owned by Sam Caglione, DogfishHead has seen a lot of recent success for more reasons than their wildly popular, 90 minute IPA. Recently, they were featured on the Discovery show series "Brew Masters" which propelled them into even more fame. Sam Caglione raps on the side as member of The Pain Relievaz. If that isn't reason enough to follow them and keep up on their adventures, then maybe tidbits on their weekly events, new beer tastings and news of their latest blog posts will entice you.

With beers named "Wacko" and "Circus Boy" its no secret that Magic Hat likes to have fun. Follow them on Twitter to get the latest links to their blogs, information on their seasonal brews and so much more. On top of that, they're pretty engaging. Frequently they retweet other's tweets mentioning Magic Hat, so don't be shy and give them a shout out.

Famous for their popular IPA and charity work, the Harpoon Brewery is a reason in itself to visit Boston and go on a brewery tour. Their Twitter account keeps you updated on their latest events like Harpoonfest, the annual 5 miler they host and the hours of the brewery tours.

Fun and different, this account makes their mark by encouraging beer drinkers around the world to post a photo (of their beer) and mention the handle (@thisbeer) to spread the love.

Finally, we end with a shameless plug. But seriously though, if you like what you read there is plenty of where that comes from over on our new Twitter account.

Don't see your favorite brew-related Twitter account above? Include it below in our comment section for everyone else to see.

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